Sweet Jesus Juice - The Son

Sweet Jesus Juice - The Son

  • $ 19.99

In the beginning God created a juice that tasted like the heavens and rocked the Earth. The juice was sweet and the cloud production epic; but the big man was a perfectionist and felt more flavour was required so hovered over his creation and said:

“Let there be Melon” and there was Melon (and the ripest of melons too!)

“Let there be Milk” and there was Milk (and the freshest Milk at that!)

“Let there be Candy” and there was Candy (oh t’was such damn sweet candy!)

And with that 'Sweet Jesus Juice' was brought into being!

God saw all that he had made and it was good, in fact it was pretty freakin' amazing so he decided to bottle it, Trade Mark it, and sell it in 0,3 and 6mg at all self respecting vaping stores.

After all this God thought to himself "I’m awesome!”, granting himself the next 6 days off to chill, vape, and work on his shark bends. He concluded that the 'Big Bang’ could take care of the rest...

70% VG