Sigelei UFO 55w TC Box Mod - $49.99 - SIMPLY 4 VAPOR

Sigelei UFO 55w TC Box Mod - $49.99

  • $ 49.99
  • Save $ 35.01


The UFO from reputable e cig brand Sigelei. The aliens are coming. You really did see this item, but it is fully identified as the Sigelei UFO priced around reasonable . Sigelei recommends attaching their own X-Tank if you can’t think of a better option. We recommend adding the Rage 3 in 1 Tank to really blast off.

Firstly, this is a Temperature Control (TC) and Variable Wattage Mod. Choose between 212F and 572F or select wattage of 5W to 55W. You select one; the machine automatically establishes the other value.

How to Get Going in TC Mode

If you are trying to operate in TC mode but the UFO won’t let you, that is probably because of your atomizer. Check which one you have installed and the coil build inside. If it’s Kanthal or Nichrome, your machine will alert you to the problem. You need to select Ni200 or Titanium coil heads if they are pre-made or build your own on an RBA or RDA. There are plenty of items to choose from; all compatible with the 510-threading well on your UFO. The trick will be finding a visually appealing match.

Visual Features

The shape is unusual which accounts for the name of Sigelei’s vape mod. It’s hard to describe: kind of like a lighter in that the head recedes back from the control side near the top. There are perpendicular metal bands: one down the control side housing mid-sized steel buttons; another wrapping around the join between base and head.

The recessed area is lightly concave and holds a firing button for comfortable, ergonomic operation. All switches are rounded. Behind that is a threading well set into the narrow portion of your black or red mod.

Battery Housing

Behind that is the rounded part you hold in your hand. This is where the 18650 battery lives with venting at the top. This is held in place by a magnetic cover so you can take out the battery to recharge, but a cable is also supplied. Recharge at the USB port if you find that more convenient or you want people to ask if that is really a miniature alien space craft on your desk. When people don’t vape you can tell them anything.

Atomizer Resistance

Select a tank that has got some range: 0.05-ohm minimum but up to 2.5 ohms. You will be glad you chose a lower resistance rating if you love clouds. Vapor clouds all around the unit add to its mystery among uninitiated colleagues and friends.

Protect Against Invasion

Okay, maybe not alien invasion, but you are defended with your Sigelei Mod. Don’t ever over-vape: that strains the battery. Some people continually push the limits until they risk malfunction or worse. Just to make sure, Sigelei’s micro-chip automatically cuts you off at 10 seconds. The PCB also provides defense against reverse battery, short circuit, high or low voltage, low resistance, and overheating. It acts like a shield around your mod.

In the Box

Your Sigelei UFO is surprisingly light, thanks to its zinc alloy construction but is also tall at 90 mm. The 55-Watt UFO comes with a charging cable and instruction manual, so you can swap batteries to recharge or leave the battery inside and recharge while playing Space Invaders on your computer. The UFO is not as widely available as many other Sigelei mods, but it really is out there.