Liquid EFX Vape - E-Liquid Collection - 180ml

Liquid EFX Vape - E-Liquid Collection - 180ml

  • $ 57.99

Purchase the E-Liquid Collection by Liquid EFX Vape and save $3.00 on 180ml of their best selling flavors.

Included within the Liquid EFX Vape Bundle:

(1) 60ml Liquid EFX Vape - Fried Cream Cakes: Fried Cream Cakes captures the essence of this favorite fairground snack: Creamy vanilla filling and fluffy, yellow sponge cake fried to perfection in a golden batter and dusted with just a hint of powdered sugar.

(1) 60ml Liquid EFX Vape - Lucky Charm:The cereal we all loved growing up. Sugar sweetened marshmallows with lucky charms and milk.

(2) 30ml Liquid EFX Vape - Coastal Butter: Whiskey Almond Butter – Kentucky bourbon infused with almond amaretto, swirled with Madagascar, Tahitian, and bourbon vanillas, and topped off with a subtle splash of coconut..