Ethos Vapors - E-Liquid Collection - 240ml

  • $ 63.99

Purchase the E-Liquid Collection by Ethos Vapors and save 15%. Get 240ml of their best selling flavors.

Each Ethos Vapors E-Liquid Collection contains the following:

(1) 60ml Ethos Vapors - Crispy Treat: A perfectly sweet, wonderfully delicious sweet marshmallow cereal bar

(1) 60ml Ethos Vapors - Strawberry Crispy Treat:A perfectly sweet strawberry, wonderfully delicious marshmallow cereal bar

(1) 60ml Ethos Vapors - Hera: A secret strawberry banana culmination that Hera delivers to every vapor far and wide. Come embark on this mystical journey.

(1) 60ml Ethos Vapors - Zeus: With every inhale the warm blueberry center of a fresh danish fills your mouth, coating every layer of your taste buds; and upon the exhale the sweet breaded crust with a slight drizzle of sugar and cream will definitely have you coming back for more!